Qatar and Gulf states crisis: division in Trump administration - COMMENT

Qatar and Gulf states crisis: division in Trump administration - COMMENT
US Secretary of State may resign ahead of time

Baku. 25 July. REPORT.AZ/ It seems like the administration headed by Donald Trump may be rebuilt.

CNN TV channel circulared on July 24 the information claiming that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was planning to resign by the end of this year. The reason is disagreements between the White House and the Secretary of State.

According to information, the sides have different opinions on a number of issues. One of them is the fact that Trump has voiced a critical opinion about Secretary of Justice Jeff Sessions. The US President considers that Jeff Sessions could have treated the information regarding the relations with Russian officials more attentively: "He could have responded more clearly. However, it is crystal clear that he did not have such a desire."

It is claimed that the sides also have disagreements in regard to Iran.

One of the issues causing a disagreement is the attitude towards the crisis on Qatar and the Gulf Economic Cooperation Council.

Several days ago, an agreement on the fight against terrorism was signed between the Qatari government and the United States.

According to the document signed by Qatari amir Hamad al Thani, a change has been made in regard to terrorism. In addition, terror acts have been clarified in the document; amendments have been made in the rules regarding freezing terrorists' accounts.

The Qatari Emirate is expected to maintain two "black lists" to identify the individuals and organizations connected with terrorists.

Commenting on this issue, Rex Tillerson noted that the US was satisfied with the steps taken by Qatar in the fight against sponsoring terrorism.

He called on Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt to reconsider the sanctions imposed on Qatar.

Notably, on July 24, Qatar made some changes to the law on the fight against terrorism. The United Arab Emirates has hailed this step of Qatar.

It should be noted that the anti-Qatar coalition was established after the "Arab-Islam-America" summit held under the motto of "Together we are strong" in Ar-Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on May 21, 2017.

Several days after that meeting, Qatar was proclaimed the country financing terrorism. On June 5, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt accused Qatar of sponsoring terrorism and cut diplomatic ties with it. The Comoros Islands, Yemen, Maldives, Mauritania and Libya also joined them.

Qatar has announced that it is ready to hold negotiations with all the countries connected with the crisis.

It is no secret that the US policy is based on huge economic interests. In other words, those, who hold high positions, should also ensure the interests of those circles.

It is possible to predict that there is a disagreement between supporters of Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson on the events taking place in the Middle East and on the approach to Russia.

In other words, those forces consider that causing an encounter between the Middle Eastern allies of the US (Qatar and the countries against it) and imposing inefficient sanctions against Russia is dead-end.

It should be taken into consideration that Rex Tillerson is one of the people closely related to the US energy sector. "Exxon Mobil" is one of the historical oil companies of the country. The company was founded in 1870 under the title of "Standard Oil". In 1911, it was divided as John Rockfeller's successor.

"Standard Oil" was mentioned in the late XIX century and in the events taken place in the Middle East, as well as in Iran in the XX century.

If we take into account the historical-traditional activity, we may come to the conclusion that these factors have impacted the disagreements between Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump.

The US President is known as more of a construction person. In terms of this, if the information is authentic, we may assume that the policy pursued by Trump ensures the interests of oil tycoons.

By the way, incumbent owner of the White House is more likely to make history as the president during whose reign most of the resignments have taken place.

The most scandalous of them was the resignation of US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The reason of his resignation was that he did not provide Donald Trump with accurate information about the discussions in last December on the sanctions against Russia with Russian Ambassador to Washington Sergey Kislyak.

In case Rex Tillerson leaves the office, the Trump Administration will remain in the US history mainly due to the controversial resignations.

Eventually, we can make an assumption that the Qatar crisis has caused division and disagreements in the US President's Administration. Donald Trump still has 3,6 years ahead of him. 

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