Political analysts: West tries to involve Turkey in implementation of its plans in the Middle East - COMMENT

Political analysts: West tries to involve Turkey in implementation of its plans in the Middle East - COMMENT
Turkey wants to or not, will have to participate in these events, at least in order to secure its borders

Baku. 4 August. REPORT.AZ/ West tries to implement its plans in the Middle East, involving Turkey in the game, political analysts believe.

"Turkey has for several years tried to impose a regional force to its game. To do this, the country uses a fairly wide range of instruments, but it does not give it the expected results. The reason for this is the fact that it is not everywhere and not all control of the situation", said political scientist Tofig Abbasov to Report.

The expert expressed the opinion that today Ankara was late for some of the regional parties to participate in the game.

"A belated entry into the process exposed the failure of Ankara in razrulivaniya not only the general atmosphere, but those trends which have a direct bearing on Turkey. Ankara's problem is that it is too overestimated own capabilities", says the analyst.

According to him, today's realities have shown that, countries in West Asia are not going to take into account the opinion of the Turkish establishment, and think about reformatting trends are not in the Turkish scenario.

T.Abbasov expressed the opinion that one of the mistakes of Ankara lies in the fact that "it serves the will of external forces, pretending to be acting on their own understanding." "In Syria, this error found its actual confirmation", - he added.

T.Abbasov noted that Turkey should not flirt with the IS. "A year ago it was clear that such a reckless attempt to ingratiate itself with the Islamists could turn into a terrible boomerang for Erdogan. And now, when all the secret becomes clear, visible inability to master the regional load", he stressed.

According to him, Turkey is "too late to the beginning of the party," and is now trying to catch up thanks to the moral support of the West.

In turn, the director of the Center for History of the Caucasus, a political analyst Rizvan Huseynov noted that the recent events around the confrontation of Turkey, "PKK" and "Islamic state" associated with the direct involvement of the regional game of the West, which intends to implement the project "Kurdish state".

"In 2011, by the" Arab Spring "came the active phase of the implementation of the project of the US "Greater Middle East" to redraw the borders and change the political regime in a number of countries of the Maghreb (North Africa) and the Middle East. It was clear that sooner or later Turkey will be dragged into these processes, since it is the most important and key state in the region", said the analyst.

According to him, redrawing the map of Western influence in the Middle East for the sake of their own interests, that's to say, to take control of the land and sea transit routes of energy resources, as well as on importing countries, led to a drop in oil prices.

"After the creation of "Islamic state" (IS) with its hands, the West was able to cut through the "uncontrolled box" of oil-rich and important for the transit regions of Iraq and Syria up to the Mediterranean Sea, which in turn led to a weakening of prices by OPEC", Huseynov emphasized.

According to him, to consolidate the success of control over transit and freeze low energy prices Western countries have begun to establish a Kurdish state in Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

"Turkey wants to or not, will have to participate in these events, at least in order to secure its borders and not allow the creation of Turkish territory the new government formations", said the expert.

According to the analyst, IS was invented to crack the situation in the region, bringing it to chaos.

"Then, apparently planned to hand Kurdish rebels allegedly "beat" IS, giving moral right "winners" and their patrons to create a Kurdish state. Such a course of events can not suit the Turkish authorities, and I think that any price Erdogan's team will not allow events to reach a culmination", said Huseynov.

He emphasized that the influence of Turkey, in turn, the situation may ease only in the event of a change of the ruling regime, so the West simultaneously seeking to destabilize the political situation in Turkey and to bring to power those forces which will implement a plan to establish a Kurdish state.

"Now it is necessary that, Erdogan will or not be able to consolidate around himself the people and political circles", he concluded.

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