Myths about Armenians destroyed - they're fleeing from Nagorno-Karabakh - COMMENT

Myths about Armenians destroyed - they're fleeing from Nagorno-Karabakh - COMMENT
Armenians fleeing from these territories proves again that this ethnic group has no relation with Nagorno-Karabakh lands

Baku. 6 April. REPORT.AZ/4-day battles in Nagorno-Karabakh revealed that combat readiness and enthusiasm among Armenian servicemen is low. No doubt, after a while Armenian population will ask themselves such a question: 'Why and for whom do our sons die in Azerbaijan's territories?' It will be beginning of the end of both Armenian government and those who use Armenians for their own purposes.

Consider some facts on moral degradation among Armenian militants.

Behavior of Armenian army officers towards the militants in Nagorno-Karabakh also confirms groundlessness of myth formed about Armenian servicemen.

Several cases obtained by Report News Agency last year citing Armenian media and social network users also affirm it.

We bring your notice to some of these cases which confirm that exaggeration about discipline, moral education among Armenian militants is only twaddle.

-Mass brawl occurred as a platoon commander Levon, an officer who has been called to military service from Armenia, in the fuddle insulted local Armenians and Kurdish origin serviceman during argument regarding intolerance of service in Karabakh. As a result, several people were injured and taken to a medical station. Levon's nose was broken and he was hospitalized in Khankendi military hospital. The fact is investigated by the investigation team from Yerevan.

-Arman Rambelyan, who was mercilessly beaten by the serviceman with the surname Marelyan, was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

-Serious problems revealed in the health of the serviceman, named Yerem, who called to military service from Armenia and beaten before staff by Armenian commander Khron Gulyan, from occupied Nagorno Karabakh.

-Soldier named Albert Saakyan attempted to commit suicide by cutting his veins in six places as insulted by Karabakh Armenians.

-The other two persons - reconnaissance Arkadi Matevosyan and soldier Levon Akopjanyan willfully left service area not being able to bear severity of the service and insults.

-Another fact is death of Armenian soldier in one of the positions in Noyemberyan region on March 14. In accordance with website, the soldier has died as a result of suicide. But the death occurred for a very simple reason - the soldier fired himself feeding up by insults regarding not being able to divide a jar of packaged meat among soldiers and commanders.

Condition in the Armenian army reached such a level that Armenian servicemen, being afraid, often fire their positions on right and left flanks of the frontline. Death and injury facts as a result of such incidents are concealed.

In recent days, protests of soldiers' mothers in Armenia also reflect condition of the country's army and attitude towards soldiers. For several years, soldiers' mothers require investigation of reasons of their sons' deaths and punishment of perpetrators. However, their requirements are ignored.

The fact of disbelief among Armenian population stated by Armenian community activists. 

Let's remember words of head of Armenian 'National Liberation Movement' Public Union, human rights advocate Vahan Martirosyan, who fled the country together with his wife Karina Martirosyan and their child, seeking refuge in Azerbaijan in September last year.

He also said in the statement to the press in Baku:

-Groups formed from part of Syrian Armenians have been sent to Karabakh front. I have been in Karabakh for several times and witnessed them;

-No one wants to fight in Armenia today;

-Armenian army is in a bad condition. Even Armenia is unable to return an army of any African state. There is no spirit of patriotism among 90% of youth. Many people are trying to avoid military service;

-If Azerbaijani-Armenian border is opened, influx of refugees from Armenia to Azerbaijan will be as migrant flow from Near East and Africa to Europe'.

Mass flee of the country's population after 4-day battle can be considered as an indicator of the state of Armenian society.

Armenian media reports citing International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) office in Yerevan that according to the initial estimates, about 3 thousand Armenians fled the territories near the contact line due to the tension in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict region.

Armenian officials use a variety of methods to raise the citizens' enthusiasm. They claim that Russia does not provide assistance to them, they are fighting alone, etc.

The events occurred during recent days confirmed once again that Armenia has been established on enthusiasm about Armenians and other moral and psychological circumstances as well as ideas forced upon Azerbaijani and regional community were hollow and absurdity. Just Armenians fleeing from occupied Azerbaijani territories proves again that this ethnic group has no relation with Nagorno-Karabakh lands. 

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