Legacy of USSR - leading forces try to reduce tension on Korean peninsula - COMMENT

Legacy of USSR - leading forces try to reduce tension on Korean peninsula - COMMENT
North and South Korea talks can also be goodwill for people in region
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Baku. 9 January. REPORT.AZ/One of the conflicting parts of the world, including the Far East, is the Korean Peninsula. The conflict and tension in this region did not begin with ethnic conflict or land lawsuit.

The controversy in the Korean peninsula is about 68 years old. The ongoing tension in this era, the history of the bloody war of the "Korean War", began with use of weapons between two brothers. The war between North and South Korea lasted from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. The end of the war between these two countries has not yet been officially declared. In fact, this conflict was a manifestation of the Cold War between the United States and the former USSR. The United States and its allies in NATO, including Turkey, North Korea, were former USSR and China. The United States and its allies in NATO, including Turkey, North Korea, former USSR and China. Despite the 26 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Korean conflict has not yet been resolved as one of the many conflicts inherited from it.

In the North Korea, Kim's dynasty, almost replacing each other, was a toy in the two-pole war.The current III Kim (Kim Jong-un) successfully pursues the policy from his father and grandfather of being a toy in the hands of others.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the tension between the south and north Korea decreased.

At the time of his reign, Kim Jong il (his father, North Korea founder Kim Il-sung) was almost discussing a merger between the parties. However, after the death of Kim Jong-il, Russia's tension emerged in the international arena in the issue of North Korea.Russia intends to play an active role in the issue of North Korea after the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Even recently steps taken by these two republics can be perceived as a result of approaches by the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia and China to the tension between Seoul and Pyongyang.

On January 7, the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, signed an order to create conditions for improving relations with South Korea.

North Korea's official news agency has issued the following statement in this regard: "The head of state clearly stated that our country should strongly support the policy that allows us to leap in the work of an independent union”.

The president of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has urged not to stabilize the past and to work towards improving relations between North and South Korea. He said there is no need to mess past and remember mutual relationships with Seoul. "Instead, we need to improve relations between North and the South”.

South Korea offered to hold a meeting of separated families from two countries this February. Official Seoul has also initiated talks in the military field.

Notably, negotiations between North and South Korea were suspended on December, 2015. Minister of Unification of Korea

Cho Myoung-gyon, South Korea's minister of unification and Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the North Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland led the delegations that participated in the meeting that took place on January 8. This is the first official high level meetings that was held over the last period.

Cho Myoung-gyon said they will not hurry for achieving successful results of discussions: “The meetings with participation of two sides will be continued.”

Even Kim Jong-un in his New Year statement said that they will send athletes to 2018 Winter Olympic Games that will take place in South Korea on February 9. North Korea

North Korea will send its dancers and musicians as well as taekwondo demonstration team to Pyeongchang.

In general, similar negotiation and convergence of views used to take place also in the past. However, after those relations were spoiled, North Korean leadership spoke against European Union and USA also tested ballistic missile. This makes the West to be careful on North Korea.

Yesterday EU, UN Security Council added the names of 16 physical persons and Ministry of the Armed Forces in the sanctioned list for not enforcing the resolution on North Korea.

The new restrictions were added to the list of UN sanctions including 79 physical persons and 54 organizations. Sanctions against 41 physical persons and ten organizations were imposed by European Union. U.S ambassador to UN Nikki Haley in her speech on January 8 sent message to North Korea.

“We want to always remind them we can destroy you too, so be very cautious and careful with your words.” She said they are ready to meet with North Korea: “We think that we need to have them stop nuclear weapons, and they need to stop it now. So North Korea can talk with anyone they want but the US is not going to recognize it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons that they have.”

By the way, on January 3 USA president Donald Trump responded to North Korean leader Twitter and wrote that his “nuclear button is much bigger and more powerful” than Kim Jong-un’s.

President is not required to get approval of Congress for nuclear attack. A day earlier North Korean leader spoke about nuclear button:

“The U.S. should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table. The entire area of the U.S. mainland is within our nuclear strike range. ... The United States can never start a war against me and our country."

In general, talks that started several days ago between North and South Koreas amid such accusations can be considered very pleasant event for population of peninsular.

Considering that North Korea initiated the talks, it can be related with initiative of Russia and China to take situation on solution of conflict under control.

Though USSR collapsed, Russia as a legal successor of it mediates the conflict. Eventually, Russia and China seem they give up in this issue.

Though it is not revealed, North Korea managed to possess nuclear technology with help of Russia and China.

Escalation between North and South Korea, North Korea’s threat against Japan and South Korea, increase of missile tests develops the military presence of US and its regional allies on peninsular and Pacific Ocean basin. It can neither satisfy China, nor Russia. Moscow and Beijing fear that USA will deploy more military in the region. It can be suggested that such kind of factors forced Russia and China to take steps backward on North Korean issue and deescalate the situation. Because Syrian crisis strengthened the position of USA on the region and increased military presence. Ordinary people are against armed confrontation, tension and escalation of situation. In this regards, the tanks between North and South Korea can be pleasant sign for people living in the region.

By participating in the Winter Olympics in the South Korea, the North Korean citizens will also spiritually host the Games.

Thus, pleasant step is taken for rapprochement of one nation divided in to two parts 68 years ago. It’s likely that confrontations among international forces will not increase tensions between Northern and Southern states.

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