Germany exposes Armenian mafia - who is next? - COMMENT

Germany exposes Armenian mafia - who is next? - COMMENT One day, the activity of the Armenian mafia supported by Europe will give a boomerang effect
December 26, 2018 13:25
Germany exposes Armenian mafia - who is next? - COMMENT

Baku. 26 December. REPORT.AZ/ With this article we do not want to hurt anyone's national feelings. On the contrary, we want to spread the love flowing out of our morals to people, nations, and nations. The main obstacle to the spread of love is lies and frauds, cunning, and other such derivatives. This negative character can be typical of a nation or an ethnic group. Those who promote hostility toward one nation are far from love. During the World War Second, Armenian nationalist-ideologist called Garegin Nzhdeh, who collaborated with Nazi Germany, inspired his ethnic group with Hitler's fascism: “Every day we have to fight against the Turks." Those who have grown up with such an envy can never be free. They can be the enemy of the entire humanity. The love of these people is also fraudulent. Those grown up in the spirit of hostility to another nation can cause disaster for the world and create chaos. Those who are constantly crying, greedy of neighbor's land can never be good. Such societies have inferiority complex. They are fraudulent, deceitful, as if they were not able to be exalted.

Recently, there are reports about various people of Armenian descent involved in fraud.

Germans are popular in the world with their accuracy, while Armenians made their name on fraud.

A documentary called “File Wettmafia – Germany and Organized Football Crime” has been released recently. The film by Benjamin Best features the Armenian mafia involved in the betting fraud. The article emphasizes that this criminal network which operates across Europe earn their revenue through manipulations in football, handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other kinds of sport.

It was mentioned in the article that one of the leading members of the Soko Flankengott Group, criminal police officer Michael Bahrs confirmed that Armenian criminal groups in Germany made money by fraud. Michael Bahrs confirms that the Armenian mafia is also active in Germany and captivates athletes on a large scale. Bahrs was the founding member of the "Soko Flankengott", which began its investigation of football match-fixing. The ARD has received a sensational list from an informant: 28 bets placed on three days by members of the Armenian mafia in Germany. Every single bet has won.

According to the informant, the betting syndicates are divided into several levels. In the center are the godparents. They pass on the order for manipulation to so-called fixers. These contact and bribe athletes, officials and referees. The so-called Runner then place bets in betting offices. The big advantage: they can act anonymously because the betting offices do not require any contact data. The bigger the network of Runner is, the more bets can be placed, the greater the illegal profits of the syndicates are.

Especially football matches in Southeastern Europe are affected. It concerns above all so-called live-Bets, so bets during the game. "These games require quick bets, so they need a lot of soldiers, so they can only get between 300 and 500 euros per game per player, but the crowd does it, and an attentive bookmaker responds and lowers the odds or takes If this happens, move on to the next provider, which is really well organized. "

Last June, the Belgian authorities struck a blow against the Armenian betting mafia. Around Brussels there were 21 house searches. Six Armenians were subsequently charged. It's about bet manipulation in tennis. But Belgium is in this case only a scene of many. The connections are worldwide: the police raids were also held in the United States, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Netherlands. Searches were also observed in Germany.

"The Armenians here in Germany are in contact with Armenians in Belgium, they exchanged information about manipulation, they did not have contact for a few weeks after the raids in the summer, and now I understand that everything is going as they did before, after two months who have a completely new set-up, if you hit a head, two new ones will grow", says the informant. With the manipulated bets, as is estimated by the insider, the mafia makes six-figure illegal profits per week.

Moreover, Ambassador of Armenia in Germany Ashot Smbatyan has links with Armenian criminal gangs in that country. Similar police operations and searches have been carried out in Germany, USA, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Netherlands. In early December, Israeli police detained 40 doctors and pharmacists suspected of obtaining a license from the country's Ministry of Health on the basis of fake diplomas in three universities in Armenia. In early December, Police arrest 40 doctors, medical interns and pharmacists from the Arab sector on suspicion of presenting false diplomas from medical schools in Armenia in order to receive an Israeli medical license, even though they did not finish their studies. Healthcare is a key component of a national security. In Israel, these diplomas issued in Armenia are referred to as "the murder license".

In addition, in June 2018, Catalan and Spanish police launched a joint raid against an Armenian criminal gang on June 26, arresting 142 people suspected of being involved in drug and arms trafficking, tobacco smuggling, money laundering, sports betting fraud, and other crimes committed across Europe. The police carried out 73 raids in a number of towns in Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

By the way, a federal court jailed a resident of Los Angeles, Hovik Simityan, with the obligation to return to Medicare almost $ 1.7 million stolen. According to the information, 48-year-old Simityan in Los Angeles actually owned the medical clinics "Columbia Medical Group Inc.", "Life Care Medical Clinic" and "Safe Health Medical Clinic". The clinics were registered as corporations in the names of licensed doctors, and the actual owners were listed as managers. Simityan was arrested on October 8, 2014 and released on bail of 100 thousand dollars. Together with Hovik (he is John) Simityan, the co-owner and manager of these clinics, 49-year-old Anahit (Anna or Ann) Shatvoryan, was arrested, and they were accused of conspiring to fraud in the healthcare system and in paying kickbacks. O.Simityan and A. Shatvoryan have received $ 1 million 668 thousand 559 after fraudulently transferring $ 4 million 526 thousand 791 to the accounts of the above mentioned clinics. A. Shatvoryan was sentenced to 4 years and 3 months imprisonment.

Thus, the large-scale financial resources acquired by the Armenians were used to bribe politicians in European countries, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, organizing illegal visits to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, and financing smeary campaigns against Azerbaijan in the European media too. In fact, the Armenian mafia is the Armenian lobby. It is a highly politicized radical organization. In Brussels, Kaspar Karampetyan, the “Godfather of the Armenian mafia”, engaged in Brilliant business. In Switzerland, ‘the Godfather of the Armenian media’ is Vartan Sirmakes, a producer of world-famous Franck Muller watches and plundering natural resources in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Apparently, the law enforcement agencies of Germany, one of Europe’s leading states for years, have turned a blind eye on the crimes committed by the Armenian state-run mafia. But sooner or later, their activities are being exposed. We hope police in Belgium where NATO and European Union are headquartered and also Switzerland with world's main banks will investigate the activities of those mentioned above.

Finally, all crimes committed by a representative of any nation or religion threaten the security of any state. Illegally acquired funds create problems for these countries, undermine their international authority. Europe will soon understand the bitter consequences of activities of Armenian mafia in Europe. For now, this criminal group is still being used against other countries, including Azerbaijan. One day, the activity of the Armenian mafia supported by Europe will give a boomerang effect. The history has proven this. Apparently, they want to taste the salinity of the ocean's water.

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