Experts: US should change its policy in favor of predictability and adequacy - COMMENT

Experts: US should change its policy in favor of predictability and adequacy - COMMENT
'The way to US recovery is through alerting own position'

Baku. 10 November. REPORT.AZ/ US must reinforce and change their policies in favor of predictability and adequacy, experts say.

"There is a wonderful expression - it is hard to fight with America, but even harder to be friends with it, which shows how difficult it is to deal with a strong defendant and actor.Taking advantage of its power America freaks, takes a lot of decisions that do not correspond to current realities", political scientist Tofig Abbasov told Report.

As an example, the expert cited the situation around Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

We know that all the previous time Democrats had pro-Armenian position openly and participation of Armenian organizations in the US could be seen.Even James Warlick, who still represents United States in the OSCE Minsk Group,does not hesitate over certain reverences in direction of the Armenian Diaspora of Yerevan,which indicates that the trends fueled for tightening position, to make Azerbaijan lose, step back, gave way, where Americans require it. The new management and new owner of the White House and his team must still approach the problem from a new angle, take the principle of equality", said T. Abbasov, adding that Americans on the basis of said example have always stealthily harmed Azerbaijani interests.

According to him, the United States must revitalize its image of a great power to "behave decently, adequately and more wisely."

Rehabilitation path is through alerting own position", said the expert.

Referring to the theme of US policy in the Middle East, the political scientist noted that it is full of "omissions and failures."

"No conflict, including the Palestine-Israel, that can not get the ball rolling, situation in Iraq, where there is a fight with the ISIS in the framework of a noisy campaign by Washington, the Syrian conflict, where the Americans fought not with terrorists but with legally elected authorities, have not been settled.

In order to put to rights in the diplomatic sector it is necessary to breathe life into it: including new faces, new guests who have alternative plans of action.If this not happens, then load of these unresolved problems will grow and grow. And it all presses to general conditions ", said T.Abbasov.

Speaking of Russian-US relations, he said that Russia - is a powerful country that has its word, weight and opinion.

"And if there is a conflict of interest between Moscow and Washington, then it affects not only the two countries but also others, including Azerbaijan.Our country is a partner of the US and Russia both.We are the subject of the former Soviet Union, and we are interested in the fact that relations of these countries would be predictable and interests of third-countries not sacrificed when major powerssort things out", he said.

According to him, giving vote of confidence to Trump means that American people themselves are tired of this country's internal and external policies.

In turn, the Kyrgyz political analyst, Doctor of Political Sciences, Sergei Kozhemyakin doesn't see a fundamental change in US foreign policy after the victory of Donald Trump.

According to experts, the American system of government is not "imprisoned" solely under the president.

"Unlike most post-Soviet states, the legislative and judicial branches of it have a real impact, serving classic counterbalance to the head of state. Finally, the huge role played by big business, including the military-industrial complex, lobbying their interests through the authorities ", said S.Kozhemyakin.

He expressed the opinion that even if D. Tramp set a goal to encroach on the age-old foundations of American politics, his actions would immediately tie up by those same balances.

"A new US president is unlikely to want to make major adjustments, including in foreign policy. Huge mistake made today by many journalists and experts - is to judge future actions of Trump as president in accordance with his statements made as candidate.

According to him, the main goal of Trump at the stage of the campaign was to inflict maximum damage to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, putting in an unflattering light all their initiatives. "To this end, White House's position with regard to Russia was criticized, and the" strong man "Putin is deliberately contrasted with" weakling "Obama," he said.

According to the analyst, these statements will not overstep the scope of the campaign.

"Most likely, the US policy towards Moscow will remain tough.They will try to isolate Russia within its own borders, without letting it reach the "operating room".This is evidenced by analysis of Trump's team. So, vice president Mike Pence is a classic American "hawk". He supported all military operations under administrations of Bush and Obama.

The most likely candidate for the post of Secretary of State - Newt Gingrich is "difficult to call" pro-Russian", said the expert.

Speaking about the Middle East, the analyst pointed out that the US under the leadership of Trump will also not make any sudden movements to change its strategy in the region.

"Israel and Saudi Arabia will remain Washington's main allies. US authorities will not abandon the idea of overthrowing the government of Syria. At the same time, the position towards Iran can be tightened, which has always been a requirement of Republicans. The new administration will counteract the growing influence of Tehran, Beijing and Moscow in the region. Different reasons can be used for this purpose, but the essence remains the same - the promotion and preservation of American hegemony ", he concluded.

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