Political analyst: Obama, Merkel and Hollande playing "good" and "evil" police - OPINION

Political analyst: Obama, Merkel and Hollande playing "good" and "evil" police - OPINION
Experts spoke about the prospects of mediation of France and Germany in the settlement of Ukrainian crisis

Baku. 9 February. REPORT.AZ/ Leaders of "Norman quartet" agreed to hold a meeting to resolve the Ukrainian conflict in Minsk on February 11. Last week, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a blitz visit to Kiev and Moscow to continue negotiations on this issue. The experts shared their opinions with the Report News Agency, on the prospects of France and Germany mediation between Russia and Ukraine in the settlement of the conflict in the south-eastern Ukraine.

Russian political analyst Konstantin Kalachev expressed confidence that no one wants war, but to capitulate in this situation, no one can afford.

"So Obama on the one hand, Merkel and Hollande on another, playing "good" and "evil" police, says Russian political analyst Konstantin Kalachev: "They from one hand offering a compromise, on another, supplying arms to Ukraine."

The expert added, the US and European positions are tactically different, but strategically coincide. He added that Europe fears the emergence of a precedent revision of frontiers.

K.Kalachev noted, Russia intends to maintain its influence in Ukraine and considers its territory as the area of responsibility.

Speaking about the possibility of compromise and concessions from the West, the expert stressed that the special tools of the West for this are not available:"These tools are only return of the status quo and lifting of sanctions. Putin explicitly intends to go through. Ukraine also not draws conclusions from the mistakes. Therefore, due to the fate of the negotiations I am a pessimist, but any negotiation is better than escalation. It may not be the solution of the conflict, but at least an attempt to freeze it. And then, all will put in its place, said the analyst.

In turn, the director of the Center for Eurasian Studies Vladimir Kornilov said that Berlin and Paris will make every effort to coerce Poroshenko to peace, as the level of anxiety in Germany and France over the uncontrolled proliferation of US weapons in Europe is too high.

"But we must not forget, Merkel went to the US, where they may bring very strong cases and urges to war. That is the Minsk talks she will already being treated in Washington. And at the White House has a lot of levers on Merkel that are not directly related to this war - both political and economic", said the director of the Center.

Project Manager of the Institute Foundation "Ukrainian politics" Alexei Voronenko expressed his doubts that, the meeting of heads of France and Germany with the Russian president will be able to bring a breakthrough in the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine. "In general, the format of this meeting, a very humiliating for Ukraine! Merkel herself said she was not sure of the outcome of this meeting and who knows what it was all about?", he added.

According to him, in this regard, the West ended all means to exert pressure. "The EU is sending a clear signal that it wants to build security in Europe with Russia, not against it. So I think that now it will go searching only compromises. I think it will be very slow, but gradual lifting of sanctions. Sanctions of Russia beat also economy of the EU. So, as Russia is no laughing matter, and also Europe too", says A.Voronenko.

In turn, Konstantin Kalachev believes that Ukrainian crisis, according to statements made by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, will be decided in favor of Russia as a superpower. "However, it is necessary to reinforce the superpower ambitions not only by weapons. This attempt to bend the West by itself can be a serious mistake", said the analyst. According to him, a breakthrough in the negotiations to resolve the Ukrainian crisis is not expected.

"History repeats itself. This is a stamp in demand. But the worst, if history repeats itself, this time in reverse order. Then: Crimea, Petljura, Directoria, the outbreak of civil war, revolution, world war ...", summed the political scientist.

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