Expert: Donald Trump has more to gain from the terrorist attack in Orlando at the US presidential race - OPINION

Expert: Donald Trump has more to gain from the terrorist attack in Orlando at the US presidential race - OPINION
The incident will have a very serious impact on the future of US domestic policy

Baku. 14 June. REPORT.AZ/ The US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump after the incident in Orlando will get extra arguments in his rigid approach to Muslims and more stringent measures against them. Report was told by researcher at the Center for Central Asia and Caucasus Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Stanislav Pritchin, commenting on possible consequences of the execution of 50 people in the club in the US state of Orlando, on the race in the United States.

"The fact that this event is already the main topic of the race, it became clear after Trump made his statement. After his such a strong statement and a demand from Obama to recognize the incident as an act of terrorism, including Hillary Clinton - his rival from the Democratic Party - it became clear that the stakes of this event really raised very high", said S.Pritchin.

According to him, US President Barack Obama to avoid all the incident speakings, so as recognition of the incident as an act of terrorism would mean that his administration at the end of his eight-year term could not fight terrorism, especially in the United States, especially.

"In addition, Barack Obama would not want to leave in such a minor note," said the researcher.

According to him, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will also attempt to hush up the incident, as in his time in the Obama team for a long time she was Secretary of State, including she was responsible for the fight against terrorism in the Middle East.

"The incident will have a very serious impact on future of the country's domestic policy", the expert said.

Talking about who most of the candidates for the US benefit from the incident, S.Pritchin noted that, in principle, the main beneficiary is Donald Trump, who now appear superfluous arguments in its rigid approach to Muslims and more stringent measures against them, including for those who moved to the United States.

Commenting on the possible restrictions on the use or sale of weapons in the US after the incident, the analyst noted that this firing occurs regularly in the United States, in varying degrees, and raises the issue of the weapons ban.

"But as we all know, that the production and sale of firearms brings a very significant contribution to the GDP of the United States. It is clear that the arms manufacturers have a very serious lobbying ties and any attempt to raise the question of whether to prohibit the sale, use of firearms by private individuals immediately encounters a huge counter as the trade union organizations, and lobbying structures. If we look at the history of the USA, they were built around the protection of private property, including by means of weapons, when people came, they mastered the territory and have weapons at home, to have the ability to protect themselves", he stressed.

Speaking about the problem of security in the context of the incident, researcher noted that it was a very unpredictable and dangerous example for the entire world community how a single terrorist, which can not be traced, immediately kills 50 people.

"In terms of the safety, to track the preparation of that single terrorist for the act of terrorism, which can have such a terrible character in the United States - where 50 people were killed, almost as many wounded - is impossible today", the analyst said.

He noted that it is very difficult to provide security everywhere, since almost any crowded place will have to be equipped with modern monitoring equipment and to place people there who know how to use weapons in the crowd. "This is a very serious challenge for the community", the expert stated.

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