European values in example of the Netherlands - COMMENT

European values in example of the Netherlands - COMMENT Many people are envious of this social order created for their citizens
March 14, 2017 10:58
European values in example of the Netherlands - COMMENT

Baku. 14 March. REPORT.AZ/ Democracy, science, education, technology, economy and other achievements of European countries make them attractive for others.

From this point of view in number of cases we expect from those countries fair and tolerant behavior, respect to rights of others in international relations.

Many people are envious of this social order created for their citizens. That’s really true. But holders of such positive qualities also have serious drawbacks in relation to others.

However, there are some forgotten points in relations. The more liberal these European states are with regard to their own citizens, the more radical nationalist positions they take in relations with foreign countries, while defending their national interests and goals. Some people may find nothing uncommon in this example. But what is regrettable is that they cannot tolerate similar actions of others.

For example, each member of the European Union will defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty in harshest way, struggle for it and even will not back down from entering a war for this. Of course, none has forgotten that Europe was flashpoint of two world wars in past century. After this they started to act towards creating conflict centers within other countries and splitting their territorial integrity.

Attitude of European countries towards territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in last 25 years is obvious. They haven’t yet uttered that Azerbaijan’s territory Nagorno-Karabakh has been occupied and kept under occupation by Armenia. The aim of those countries in this conflict is preservation of ceasefire.

Netherlands, the member of OSCE Minsk group, who took over the role of negotiator for resolution of the conflict, couldn’t go further than other members of European Union. It also deviated from naming aggressor and preferred formal membership and chairmanship.

Head of Azerbaijan-Turk Cultural Center operating in Kingdom of Netherlands Ilhan Aşkın will again stand in front of court because he rejected so called fact of “Armenian genocide”.

Ilhan Aşkın

Notably, Armenian diaspora filed a lawsuit against him as he condemned Armenian terror.

In 2014 I.Aşkın spoke at joint protest action of Turkic organizations to thwart erecting memorial for “Armenian genocide” in Almelo. Head of diaspora talked about occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia, genocide act committed against Azerbaijanis and condemned Armenian brutality.

He noted that Armenians killed thousands of people, including children, women and aged people with unthinkable torture. Armenian diaspora complained to police as though I.Aşkın used racist words during that action. Eastern Netherlands police launched investigation upon complaint. Ilhan Aşkın is accused with respective clause of Netherlands Criminal Code of provoking violence against Armenians by saying “Karabakh will become grave for Armenians”.

But head of diaspora told that Armenian diaspora targets him due to his activities in Netherlands related to Azerbaijan truths and Khojaly genocide and his struggle against Armenian falsifications. He is skeptical about fairness of legal process. Because chairman of court of Overijssel district, which includes the town Almelo where the court process will take place, is ethnic Armenian Takvor Avedissian.

Notably, Azerbaijan-Turk Cultural Center headed by I.Aşkın in 2007 erected monument for Khojaly martyrs in Netherland, organized protest actions in front of headquarters of international organizations in Hague related to tragedies of Azerbaijani people.

Now let say a few words about latest behavior of Kingdom of Netherlands.

On March 12, Netherland government refused landing for plane of Turkish foreign minister Mövlud Çavuşoğlu on the territory of the Kingdom. He wanted to attend open air meeting organized in front of Turkish consulate in Rotterdam within propaganda campaign for constitutional referendum.

Some protesters were seen trampled down by intervention including mounted police forces.

The demonstrators being pushed off from the vehicle of minister Kaya, chanted slogans and expressed their protests in the street.

Azerbaijan foreign ministry criticized Dutch authorities for disallowing Turkish minister of family and social policy to enter Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, and told that this action is outside the ethical boundaries: “Some European institutions, especially some circles in European Parliament, as well as Netherlands itself criticize other countries on every opportunity, act as a ‘mentor’ of human rights and demonstrate habitude of pointing out defects of others. All these underline the need for elimination of negative tendencies as islamophobia, xenophobia and discrimination and stimulation of multiculturalism, tolerance, dialog and understanding in Europe”.

Some people claim that Turkish legislation prohibits to carry out election or referendum campaign beyond national borders. But Netherlands government doesn’t regulate its behaviors with that law. They claim that visit of Turkish officials will raise polarization and disorder in the country. In other words, PKK supporters will hold protesting actions against Turkish state and officials.

On the other hand, despite above law, Peoples’ Democratic Party, the political mouthpiece of terrorist PKK, carried out election campaign for Turkish Parliament in European Union countries when above law was already in force.

Then it turns out that those who are worried about trips of Turkish officials to their country are mostly supporters of terrorism. Because Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and others create favorable conditions for events and speeches against Turkish state and its territorial integrity. In number of cases they even provide grants to supporters of terrorists under the title “protection of human rights”.

By the way, trade turnover between Turkey and Netherlands in 2015 amounted $6.1 bln, including $3.2 bln export of the Kingdom, $2.9 bln import from Turkey. 2564 Dutch companies operate in Turkey at present.

The Netherlands invested $21.58 bln to Turkish economy, Turkey’s investments in this country make $9.205 bln. 1.232 mln Dutch tourists visited Turkey in reporting year.

Turkey’s cooperation with Netherlands in information field is being stressed these days.

In this sense the two countries have so close economic cooperation that both sides will suffer from spoiling relations. However, at this point, without any doubt, territorial integrity of the state, sovereign rights, interests, goals are above all.

Under present circumstances behaviors of governments of Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark mean that they would be much happier and protected democratic values, if Turkish territory was split and this country provided favorable conditions for activities of terrorists supported by Europeans. That’s why activities of above-mentioned countries give us ground to suppose that, as they cannot succeed with splitting like it was 102 years ago, they create obstacles to Turkey’s efforts to protect its sovereignty. In other words, Turkey is exposed to pressure, because keeps its interests above interests of those countries or interests of their blocs. Those countries are good for their own citizens. They never give up violating rights of others for the sake of their own citizens. This aspect of Europe is unambiguously unacceptable.  

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