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    Arrest of pro-PKK parliamentarians in Turkey - state defends its integrity - COMMENT

    Developments in the region, attempts to destroy states are manifestation of covert world war

    Baku. 5 November. REPORT.AZ/ Although sometimes it is not recognized, an international legal system called United Nations (UN) still exists in the world. UN is committed to international law and territorial integrity of states. Otherwise USA, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and other multinational states would have split into minor pieces. Thus, to prevent such collapse people and states regulate their relations with laws. Of course laws are also developed by human beings and have relative nature; consequently they are not irreversible as well.

    It is much safer for our world to prefer dialog and compromise as tools for solution of possible problems. Application of power for solution of controversies causes damage to both sides. On the other hand, the role of plotters, the permanent winners of all conflicts must not be neglected.

    Territories of two internationally recognized states – Iraq and Syria have been torn apart in front of world community and existence of these states in the future is open to question. Ambitions of state leaders is not a last factor influencing the process. Other countries use this mover for their own purposes. They hardly care about millions of refugees, who abandoned their homes and lands; because they are not their citizens.

    Fabricated process called Arab Spring stretched from northern Africa to countries neighboring with Azerbaijan. It is clear to everybody that Turkey and Iran are next on target after dissolution of Syria and Iraq.

    Someone is trying to destroy and torn apart these countries through armed conflicts. The worst in this process is that Kurdish ethnicity is used for destructive purposes related to all four countries.

    In other words, Kurds once regarded as trustful and loyal friends in the region are losing their popularity and gradually converting into enemies of their neighbors thanks to activities of some of members of this ethnic group. Foreign powers who tell Kurds “yes you are right, we support you” and create training camps for militants will abandon them as soon as their interests are satisfied in the region. They will forget them or at best use them as flunkeys for their purposes.

    There are numerous historical evidences proving this argument. Fate of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is most recent example.

    In the light of historical evidences, one cannot exclude that those speaking on behalf of Kurdish ethnic group, pretending to be defenders of their rights will end up the same way. Their actions serve to annihilation of mature sons of their nation.

    Notably, 11 parliamentarians of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) which has ties with terrorists fighting to divide Turkey were arrested overnight. After adoption of amendments to constitution allowing lifting MP’s immunity, they were officially accused of crime and called to court for testimony; but they didn’t come.

    According to statement of Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs below persons were detained to be brought to court for testimony: Ferhat Encü, Leyla Birlik, Selma Irmak, Abdullah Zeydan, Selahattin Demirtaş, İdris Baluken, Figen Yüksekdağ Şenoğlu, Sırrı Süreyya Önder, Ziya Pir, Gülser Yıldırım, Nursel Aydoğan, Imam Taşçıer. Ziya Pir has already been released after giving testimony.

    It was determined that Faysal Sarıyıldız, Tuba Hazar Oztürk detainment of whom also sanctioned are out of country.

    According to information, persons who violated law and ignored prosecutor’s calls to come to court have been detained after their testimony.

    Notably, in May of this year Turkish parliament approved the amendment to constitution envisaging cancelation of immunity of parliamentarians with 376 votes.

    Accusations about arrested parliamentarians are as follows: membership in terrorist group, insulting Republic of Turkey, propagating terrorist groups, insulting Turkish nation, republic and Turkish parliament, Turkish president, military and security agencies of the state, provoking hostility and hatred among peoples, insulting law enforcement agencies of the state, violating state integrity, etc.

    It is not secret that HDP is used by PKK for its purposes. This party is known as political wing of the terrorist group. HDP was continuously threatening Turkish officials with terrorist group.

    Reportedly 1 citizen killed, 30 injured and buildings damaged after bomb explosion in Diyarbakir city on the same day when parliamentarians were arrested.

    Terrorists threaten Turkish state.

    Without any doubt, there are people who say that arrest of parliamentarians doesn’t conform with democratic principles. But which country’s citizens, politicians, officials, law enforcement forces can tolerate disintegration of their country in favor of abstract concepts? For example, what will happen if let say Moroccans in France, Mexicans in USA, Koreans in Japan, Armenians in Russia being elected to parliament and supported let say by China, India and Mozambique start separatist movement? Answer is unambiguous: It cannot be allowed. Turkey does the same.

    In fact Kurdish politicians through peaceful expression of their demands achieved number of results within Turkish state, including ethnic and cultural rights. So what do PKK terrorist group and its political wing HDP want? In the context of current processes in the region, they want to disintegrate regional countries, where Kurds live historically or immigrated later and create “Great Kurdistan”. To be honest this is a goal of those who want to dismantle Turkey. Organizations like PKK simply serve them. Decomposition of Iraq and Syria with assistance of ISIL terrorist group must be considered as an example.

    Escape of two parliamentarians from country despite calls from law enforcement agencies proves that they are following instructions of patrons. Moreover, some persons of Kurdish origin, residing in foreign countries and cooperating with secret services, frequently make trips to Iraq, Syria, even to Turkey and Iran trying to entice Kurdish people with various pledges.

    In every country there are and always will be people or groups who dream of collapse and disintegration of the country. Foreign powers from time to time use these people for their purposes.

    Thus, current processes in the region and efforts to destroy states are manifestation of covert world war. Kurds are used in this war adeptly…

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