Anti-monopoly in world politics - Russia's alternativeness - ANALYSIS

Anti-monopoly in world politics - Russia's alternativeness - ANALYSIS
Whereas 30 years ago the situation was completely different

Baku. 29 March. REPORT.AZ/ It is said that the "world is a market". Relationships, contacts and cooperation are formed based on "supply and demand".

This golden rule of market applies to politics as well. There were monopolistic intentions in this market before and also now. As an example, after the collapse of the Soviet Union bipolar world replaced with unipolar.

In other words, for now US rules unipolar world. Hence, there is an ability to dictate issues, events, supply and demand. But Washington He cannot handle works in some cases.

Therefore, countries are looking for alternatives for their interests in some cases.

France's well-known "Ifop" sociological survey among 3006 respondents over the age of 18 in last July allows us to say that the US will not be able to cope with the global leadership.

69 % of respondents in Germany, 55 % in France, 51% in Italy said that the United States was not able to cope with the global leadership.

Recently, information was spread that Russia has influenced elections in number of countries including in the United States, or powers that inclined to Russia take over the government in different states.

We would like to recall some of the examples of such events:

Igor Dodon

Igor Dodon - new president of Moldova that faced violation of the territorial integrity and separatism confirmed by works that he is inclined to Russia.

After he was later elected president flag of the European Union was removed from his residence.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev seems to be more inclined to Russia rather than to the West.

In parliamentary elections in Georgia where the territorial integrity was violatedthe absolute victory of the forcesbacked by billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili can be regarded as a victory of those who show loyalty to Moscow.

Vladimir Putin and Shavkat Mirziyoyev

Rumen Radev who supported the removal of sanctions imposed on Russia has won presidential elections in Bulgaria. However, supporters of the European Union “Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria" won parliamentary election. Although, far-rightpresidential candidateinAustria,Norbert Hoferwas defeated in the election, by saying he was against the European Union he strengthened the position of Russia.

This year, presidential elections will be held in France in two rounds on April 23 and May 7. It is said that French presidential candidate François Fillon whose name has been mentioned in scandals is in good relations with Russia. Leader of France's far right National Front party Marine Le Pen said that sanctions against Russia are of "threats and blackmail" nature. She arrived in Moscow on March 24 and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Le Pen said that French banks refused to finance her election campaign. In such circumstances, it is said that her campaign is being financed by Russia.

Vladimir Putin, Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump

By the way, news spread that, former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi who was overthrown by force had spent 70-80 mln USD in election campaign of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Though since 1991 West was suspected of Coup d'états in some countries, now Russia is being suspected.

Last year, two Russian citizens suspectedof involvement in acoup plot in Montenegro - Edward Shirokov and Vladimir Popov were wanted by Interpol.

Even US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson discussed Montenegro coup attempt with British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

Last year, news spread about Russia's intervention in US presidential elections and also team members of new president Donald Trump have relations with Russia. Even some members of Tramp’s team had resigned from their position.

In his Twitter account President Donald Trump called on House of Representatives to investigate links of former US Secretary of State, Democratic Party's presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton with Russia:

Nicolas Sarkozy,Muammar Gaddafi

“Why does House Intelligence Committee not wants to investigate Bill and Hillary Clinton’s deal with Russia? Just after this deal 20 percent of US uranium reserves was given to Russia. Trump’s relationship with Russia is nonsense”.

Notably, H. Clinton also accused Donald Trump of being in contact with Russian authorities.

In "Arab Spring" and after there were great hopes in the United States. However, a military overthrow of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, in a sense, was a blow to credibility.

Violation of the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq by US, as well as the threat of disintegration and chaos, Comprehensive assistance by Moscow to Syria and Bashar al-Assad are the factors that influence the expansion of cooperation of Iran and Turkey with Russia. In other words, as an alternative these states temporarily prefer Russia.

Iraqi president Fuad Masum said in a statement on March 28 that the government in Iraq will not develop relations with US against Russia.

Vladimir Putin, François Fillon

Whereas, 30 years ago the situation was completely different.West led by the US was much more prevalent.

These hopes have created opportunity for the United States to lead unipolar world. But now the situation is changing. Russia seems to be growing in Europe. Of course, one of the reasons is existing authority of former Soviet Union in this continent. When the world was bipolar Soviet Union was the basis of left-wing. That network and forces are still functioning. For that reason, EU and the US are seeking Russian influence during the elections or try protect themselves from the causes of this effect.

Our goal is not to present Russia as pole. The development of events shows that the Kremlin is trying to play this role. This attempt can be considered as affordable alternative for those who try to protect themselves from the pressure of US and the European Union. Is Russia strong enough to carry out this function?! Because Kremlin’s ability to influence the value of national currency and oil prices is too weak. Therefore, Russia cannot rule events, but rather simply acts as influential. It can be understood as Moscow’s defense from West, including the United States. A number of states are trying to protect themselves from the effects of the EU and USA by approaching to Russia as an alternative.

Thus, "supply and demand" excludes that the situation will remain uncontested for a long term.

Double-standard in approaches to a number of controversial issues and resolution of conflicts paves the way to the search for new alternatives

It raises the possibility that monopoly in world politics will be prevented.

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