"And then" syndrome of foreign Anti-Azerbaijani network controlled from a single center - ANALYSIS

"And then" syndrome of foreign Anti-Azerbaijani network controlled from a single center - ANALYSIS
he First European Games will end without any problem, and opponents suffer from the syndrome of “and then”

Baku. 22 June. REPORT.AZ/ The International Counter Olympics Network (CON) was established in 2012 ( The name sounds a bit confusing. In fact, CON representatives aren’t agents the Olympics. Their target is transnational corporations which sponsor the Olympics. Unlike others, CON founders do not hide their intention and overtly state that the reason they have come together in the form of organization is to help companies they represent join Olympics sponsors. ( “By sponsoring the Olympics, large companies are on one hand advertising themselves on the other hand they make two-sided profit as they put their products on sale. However, because the sponsorship for the Olympics has been entrusted upon a particular group of corporations others are unable to intervene this area. So they end up being deprived of making a great deal of financial gains”. Information on different websites makes it clear that the CON has been created by rivals of traditional companies sponsoring the Olympics, and they aim to take a firm place among sponsors and get new economic opportunities.

The CON tried to be more active in the 2012 London Olympics and the 2014 Sochi Olympics. But due to its position being taken unserious it was kicked out of stage. They failed to make maneuvers necessary for staying upright. For instance, before the Sochi Olympics they launched a campaign against the genocide of the Caucasian Circassians, but they did not earn popularity. They also failed to play a game of human rights. Discouragement after the failures did not allow them to stand up again. So they have not planned an action against the first-ever European Games in Baku. Nevertheless, no matter how long they remained in the shadow, Rebecca seems to have not forgotten them.

This lady, who was appointed coordinator for 3 coalitions, 12 NGOs and 12 mass media outlets directed by the US toward an anti-Azerbaijan campaign before the Baku Games, did not succeed and finally grabbed a straw not to drown. To get over her defeat, Rebecca Vincent joined the CON on June 20. The question “The Baku Games are coming to a close. What do you think?” which she address the CON over Twitter can in fact be understood as indicative of the situation this miss has found herself in. Vincent first tried on behalf of the coalition “Sports and Human Rights” to make a request to Lady Gaga, who performed at the opening ceremony of the first European Games to report against Baku, and after failing she appealed to non-prestigious organizations such as CON. All these actions of her are an attempt to avoid the syndrome of failure rather than logical sequence. After listening to smart advises, she subsequently removed the appeal from her page, but it does not change the facts. The mission entrusted to R. Vincent suffered a complete fiasco. Attempts to put the European Games in the plane of geopolitical confrontation and calls for politicization and boycott of them failed. No country refused to arrive in Azerbaijan or made a political statement. The anti-Azerbaijani campaign with the involvement of all the resources of the United States and Europe did not succeed. The integrity of the fifth column members who backed the campaign was not ensured and they could not even avoid legal liability. This week the European Games will end with the triumph of Azerbaijan and the defeat of anti-Azerbaijani forces.

An anti-Azerbaijan network, controlled from a single center, has already finished its arguments. How much can they try to bring attention to the so-called issue and keep it on the agenda? The international media has its values, codes, information policy, information approach and promotion criteria. They can’t spend their influence on meaningless issues, give biased issues as main news, even so roughly damaging their image "for the sake of the interests of the powerful centers". Simple reader can see that this approach is of a campaign nature and oppressed by recurring issues for days think about whether or not appealing to the media. Therefore, there are grounds to say that the most influential media outlet "Associated Press" wouldn’t look for "empty seats" in stadiums any more, BBC wouldn’t misinterpret “The Adventures of Bono from Jabrayil”, The Guardian wouldn’t distorted articles of journalists.

Vincent’s confused situation is also felt in activities of anti-national media outlets under its influence. As finding no subject to criticize, Meydan TV began to create so-called problems. It tried to compensate its lack of subject with reporting that Austrian athlete Vanessa Sahinovic died in a bus accident, then reporting that she is alive within an hour. Then it found a diagram from website of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development dated 2010 and posted it, tried to prove that Azerbaijan was supposedly as non-tolerant country as Armenia.

Another representative of the group “Azadlig” newspaper “acted more sincerely”. In the article titled “Which problems will the European Games lead to?” ( ), the period of First European Games is considered finished, activity schedules are being drawn up for the next stage, and theses are being specified to cause problem. According to the article, hosting such grandiose events “causes unrest even in well-developed states”. The authors of those sentences, willing to show the country’s future as problematic, unintentionally admitted Azerbaijan’s success: It is true that holding such grandiose events is hard for even great states. However, Azerbaijan was able to overcome all the difficulties, disappointed its opponents. The First European Games will end without any problem, and opponents suffer from the syndrome of “and then”.

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