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    American-style legacy: opposition replaces the government - COMMENT

    'US allies and rivals will not change for at least another 4 years'

    Baku. 12 January. REPORT.AZ/ A week later new president of the United States Donald Trump will take office.Yesterday, Donald Trump held a press conference which was planned to be held in December but failed.

    In fact, current president Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have made interesting speeches.

    In those performances reflected new government and the position of the opposition.In addition, some of the failures of Obama administration mentioned in statement.

    Number of issues in speeches of both sides Barack Obama and Donald Trump noted below.

    New head of White House wants have an extraordinary inauguration. It is estimated that 200 mln USD will be spent on Trump's inauguration. D. Trump wants to see not stars and celebrities in his inauguration ceremony, but ordinary people. "Celebrities and stars want tickets for inauguration. But watch out, what they have done for Hillary Clinton? Nothing! I want to see ordinary people."

    He said he left business to avoid conflicts of interest and transferred all his businesses to his sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

    Trump subjected to criticism mostly because he is expected to build relationship with Russia. Recently he said that Moscow can help Washington in the fight against ISIS.

    In addition, according to D. Trum, ISIS was created due to the fault of Obama administration.

    Information was spread that allegedly secret video tape of Donald Trump was recorded when he was in Russia and that compromising material is in hands of Moscow. It is assumed that, Kremlin will pressure on Trump using that tape. However, Kremlin officials have denied this information.

    US President-elect Donald Trump said commenting on the media reports that Russia has compromising information on him.

    "I have nothing to do with Russia - no deals, no loans, no nothing!", Trump said.

    In his previous tweet D. Trump said it is a clean election victory and his opponents were trying to cast a shadow on his victory with false news.However, he agreed with estimation that there were hacker attacks from Russian Federation on US intelligence:"I think that Russia was standing behind it. "Despite all this, Trump said he is not afraid to go to Russia."I am an important person. I am very careful. Wherever i go, I am surrounded with guards. Regardless of where you go, cameras are everywhere- I'm not just talking about Russia, it is everywhere."

    Donald Trump spoke about his visit to Moscow and surrounding regions.

    However, the head of US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had conversations with Trump about compromising material.

    Donald Trump said after taking office will cancel 70% of all decrees that came into force by Obama's decision.

    According to him, the country needs new direction in foreign policy: " We will change not foreign countries but our own country. For a long time we made a mistake going into countries we know nothing about them. We made a terrible mistake and we will put an end to it. Trump administration in the first place will protect the national interests of United States."

    In this way D. Trump has criticized foreign policy of US President Barack Obama.

    If Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson finds irrefutable evidence at the end of the investigation about confidential data of the Russian special services to interfere in the elections in the United States then the response may be more effective than sanctions: " What i have seen in non-confidential part is cause for concern. If there is an additional information about Russia's participation in elections, we need to respond to it."

    He also criticized Obama administration for their position in Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation: It was acts of violence by Russia against Crimea which required use of force".

    He also confirmed that economic sanctions are "powerful tool". In this context, he recalled the importance of carrying "big truncheon" in addition to diplomatic work just like US President Theodore Roosevelt.

    Barack Obama government believes that deal regarding Iran's nuclear program is success.

    Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson expressed his thoughts about Iran at the hearings in the Senate.

    " All possible threats from Iran will be to prevented through diplomatic means. This applies to support for nuclear and terrorist organizations.All possible means to prevent threats from Iran will be used.It is not only about Iran's nuclear program but also support for terrorist organizations. We must try to change their behavior not to overthrow regimes."

    Barack Obama administration will be seriously criticized for not helping to resolve disputed issues such as Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, not preventing creation of "independent states in Abkhazia and South Ossetia (Georgia), for inability to contribute to the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region, as well as the setbacks in the direction of Syria and Iraq.

    There are some attempts to avoid the criticism. John Kerry said that Bashar al-Assad's positions must be hit because "red line" crossed. "Obama's plan to intervene in Syria was broken due to the Britain.

    President Barack Obama said that if Assad regime uses chemical weapons, the US will intervene in Syria. He called chemical weapons as "red line". However, Bashar al-Assad used Sarin gas in Damascus in 2013.

    However, the US did not intervene when "red line" crossed.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron was responsible for that. Because at that time positions of Bashar al-Assad had to be struck. However, Cameron has removed this issue from the agenda of the British Parliament. Air strikes were prevented by the decision of the parliament. "

    In his farewell speech Barack Obama called Russia and China as the country's main rivals. He noted that Moscow and Beijing's influence in the international arena cannot be compared with the reputation of USA. He also warned about weakening of democratic values in the US and around the world:

    "The weakening of democratic values, can lead to civil and international wars in the world."

    According to both sides - representatives of the ruling and prodemocracy camp, allies of United States and rivals will not change for at least another 4 years.

    The mutual accusations, suspicions of Democrats' about the victory of Donald has proved that as in non-democratic structures rivals criticize each other with various claims.

    A number of alleged comments on Trump and also a warning to his team can be considered as "course must not be changed". Because intervention in presidential elections, accusations like winner is "chosen by government" seem unrealistic.

    Irresponsible approach to such a task can reduce confidence in that state. 

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