About 30 agreements expected to be signed during Erdogan's Iraq trip

About 30 intergovernmental agreements are planned to be signed during the upcoming visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Iraq on April 22, Report informs via the Hurriyet newspaper.

The most important agreements will concern joint efforts to clear northern Iraq of PKK terrorists.

According to the paper, during the negotiations in Baghdad and Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan), Erdogan is expected to discuss the structure and functioning of a joint operational center to combat terrorism, the creation of permanent Turkish bases in northern Iraq to a depth of 30-40 km from the Turkish border and a security zone in the areas of Hakurk and Metina , Zap and Gara, where the main bases of the PKK are located.

In Türkiye, Erdogan's visit to Iraq is receiving much attention in the context of previously announced plans to finally resolve the issue of terrorists on the southern borders. Following Erdogan's visit to Iraq, the Turkish army may conduct a major cross-border operation in the north of the neighboring country, according to local media reports.

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