NATO launch new ‘Flag Series’ exercise to boost air defence

NATO has inaugurated the Ramstein Flag 24 exercise, a sophisticated multi-domain tactical event set to take place from September 30 to October 11, 2024, in Greece’s West Peloponnese, Report informs via the UK Defence Journal.

This latest addition to Allied Air Command’s exercise portfolio aims to strengthen air, maritime, and land defence tactics among 13 allied nations.

Ramstein Flag 24, say the Alliance, is designed to address realistic and complex operational challenges, reflecting NATO’s commitment to evolving its exercise regimen in response to changing geopolitical tensions.

The exercise integrates theory with practical field training, providing a platform to test high-end air defence tactics.

This year, which marks the 75th anniversary of NATO, the exercise will focus on Counter Anti-Access/Area Denial (C-A2/AD) and Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) strategies.

Over 140 allied aircraft, including fighters and support units, will participate alongside maritime, land, and special operations forces.

General James B. Hecker, Commander of Allied Air Command, said: “As geopolitical tensions continue to evolve, so too must NATO exercise design. Ramstein Flag signifies the future of NATO exercises, focusing on current and future threats,” he stated.

Ramstein Flag 24 not only tests tactical air defence measures but also allows NATO nations to refine their Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) strategies.

The primary goal of this exercise is to enhance cooperation, interoperability, and integration among NATO members, demonstrating the alliance’s resolve and capability to deter and defend against potential adversaries through coordinated multi-domain operations.

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