Political scientist: Washington dissatisfied with new reality created by Azerbaijan in South Caucasus

The US is dissatisfied with the new reality created by Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus region, Irish historian and political scientist Patrick Walsh told Report.

“I think what we are seeing is a new geopolitical battle in the South Caucasus replacing the national conflict over Karabakh which is over, having been won by Azerbaijan. In September we saw the complete liberation of the occupied territories. There are suggestions from Armenian diaspora sources that this liberation displeased Washington because it was not performed in the way the US wanted it or to Washington’s preferred timetable,” the expert noted.

“This seems ridiculous when one considers that Azerbaijan was simply instituting international law. However, it seems that Washington wanted a scenario that would be easiest for Pashinyan, who the US is now banking on to remove Russian influence from Armenia.”

“The US seems to have been disoriented lately with the dire situations in Ukraine and Gaza, which are both harming Washington’s prestige and influence. It is acting irrationally in relation to Azerbaijan, which is only pursuing its national interest and not stepping outside the bounds of international law in any way.

The Biden administration promised to end forever wars and put clear red lines on the map of the world. But it has made a mess of things and failed dismally in its objectives,” he added.

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